Eating Healthy on Road Trips while still Saving Money

July 7th, 2013


Summertime is a great time to get out there and travel someplace new with the family. However, sometimes fast food or too much gas station food can make you feel sluggish, and positively exhausted after a long trip; not to mention that it’s expensive. Here are some suggestions to save a little money while keeping your family fueled on good foods.

Stock Up for the Trip
trail-mixThe first, and easiest way to eat healthy and cheaply on the road is to bring your own food and drinks for at least the first day. Keep a couple of bags of trail mix and jerky around for light snacking and a cooler for juice, water, iced tea, cheese snacks, sandwiches, and maybe a potato salad if you have room. You don’t want to bring along carbonated beverages because the carbonation on bumpy roads can make sensitive stomachs sick. Bringing a sports cooler of tea and filling up water bottles for anyone thirsty is the cheapest way to stay hydrated for large family. Be sure to pack enough sandwiches for at least two meal break that you or your family can enjoy at a scenic rest stop, or right before getting into an unfamiliar place where a boost in blood sugar could be beneficial. Once you check in to the hotel or motel, feel free to treat yourself with some ice cream after a long day of traveling.

The Second Day
Make sure to have a good breakfast to start your day. You probably emptied all of yesterdays food, which is fine because your first destination is a grocery store you are comfortable with. Check internet maps for a local grocery store that you are comfortable with. If there isn’t one in this town, check if there is one on the way. While you would be fine picking up a loaf of bread, cold cuts, and cheese to make more sandwiches you could also go to a store like King Sooper’s or Wegman’s which have ready made meals prepared that are healthy, and cheaper than either eating in a restaurant or from a fast food joint. If you decide to pick up something other than sandwiches, be sure that it tastes good cold as it will have to last for two meals. While here, you can pick up a crate of bottled water for the family and liquid water flavoring like Mio for those who don’t like the taste of water. Some of those flavored water enhancers even make caffeinated versions for dad or mom, or whoever is driving the car at the time.




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