4 Awesomely Adventurous Ways to See Newport, Rhode Island

August 20th, 2018
4 Awesomely Adventurous Ways to See Newport, Rhode Island
Even more than Providence, Newport is Rhode Island’s most iconic destination. But, that means it’s easy for visitors to fall into the tired trap of walking the same well-worn tourist attractions as everyone else. Break free, dear vagabonds! Here are four far more interesting and adventurous ways to experience Newport, Rhode Island … Adventurous Things to Do in Newport, Rhode Island (RI) #1: Parasailing with Island Style Parasail (Summer season) I’ve long had a fascination with seeing new destinations from the highest vantage point possible. Skyscrapers, helicopter rides, tall bridges — whatever. So, parasailing has always seemed like one of the best ways to experience Newport. It took a little prodding to convince Kelsey to go tandem with me. But, she’s committed to trying one new experience every year that scares her. So — up we went with Island Style Parasail. To our surprise, the company is the only parasailing ... read more
Source: feeds.feedburner.com/VagabondishPublished on 2018-08-20By Mike Richard




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