5 ways to keep yourself mentally equipped for adventure

March 31st, 2019
5 ways to keep yourself mentally equipped for adventure
If elite climbers and mountaineers all have one thing in common, it’s mental toughness. They don’t give up. They can push their bodies and minds through extreme conditions, maintaining mental sharpness under duress in an incredibly hostile environment for days, if not weeks, at a time. One faulty knot, misplaced piton, or other mental bobble when climbing can spell disaster. As an expedition leader to some of the world’s highest peaks and most dangerous places for the last 30+ years, Conrad Anker knows a thing or two about being mentally equipped for adventure. So listen up. 1. Train your weaknesses. “This can be tough because first you have to understand and admit what your weaknesses are,” Anker explains. “Then you have to willingly and consistently practice the things you’re not good at.” Nobody likes forcing themselves to do something at which they feel inept (or maybe just less than confident), ... read more
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