Abe Lincoln’s Bloodstained Gloves Could Be Auctioned as Museum Faces Debt

August 24th, 2018
Abe Lincoln’s Bloodstained Gloves Could Be Auctioned as Museum Faces Debt
A potential auction means iconic items, including the gloves and one of the 16th president's stovepipe hats, could end up in private hands.A non-profit organization that went into debt buying the world’s largest private collection of Abraham Lincoln-related artifacts 11 years ago has turned to crowdfunding in efforts to pay off the remaining $9 million it still owes.If it fails, some of the collection’s most valuable items may be put up for auction, including one of Lincoln’s signature stovepipe hats, locks of his hair and even the gloves he carried with him on the night he was assassinated in 1865—still stained with the 16th president’s blood. Back in 2007, the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library Foundation in Springfield, Illinois borrowed $23 million to purchase some 1,400 artifacts belonging to Louise and Barry Taper of Los Angeles, California. Abraham Lincoln’s bloodstained gloves he carried on the night of his death ... read more
Source: https://www.history.com/this-day-in-history/rssPublished on 2018-08-24By Sarah Pruitt




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