Despite Mounting Concerns, Global Chinese Travel Breaks New Records

August 23rd, 2018
Despite Mounting Concerns, Global Chinese Travel Breaks New Records
There have been many reasons to be concerned about the future of Chinese travel. After over a decade of explosive growth, for how much longer can this pace of expansion be sustained? Especially considering mounting issues both on the supply and demand sides of Chinese travel, concerns about the sustainability of growth have proven relevant for both key long-haul and short-haul destinations. Among the issues likely dampening Chinese tourism growth are a weakening Chinese currency, rising fuel costs, and even rising consumer debt. Furthermore, the growth of tourism to some key destinations is likely depressed by ongoing issues, such as the travel ban in South Korea, the trade war with the United States, and tensions with tourism hotspot Taiwan. But despite all of this, global Chinese travel had its best half-year ever in 2018. Unfortunately, for China, the same cannot be said about the country’s ability to attract foreign visitors. ... read more
Source: on 2018-08-23By Jing Travel




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