Fear of a Gay Batman Brought Batwoman to Life

August 16th, 2018
Fear of a Gay Batman Brought Batwoman to Life
Batwoman's arrival in 1956 wasn't just about spicing up Batman and Robin’s routine.In the mid-1950s, Batman and Robin comics had a tried-and-true formula: The Dynamic Duo encounter the Joker/Penguin/Catwoman, slug it out with Gotham City’s most fiendish villains, save the day, and retire to stately Wayne Manor for some well-earned down time. That basic rhythm dictated the adventures of the Caped Crusaders since Robin was introduced in 1940, but in July 1956 readers were wham-pow-zapped by a colorful, ravishing new addition to the Bat-family.Batwoman, announced on the cover of Detective Comics 223, rocked the Batcave’s status quo. Here was a major addition to Gotham’s ranks, and she was capable of besting Batman and Robin at the superhero game. But the female superhero’s arrival wasn’t just about spicing up Batman and Robin’s routine; it was also intended to short circuit the perceived subtext that the Dark Knight and Boy ... read more
Source: https://www.history.com/this-day-in-history/rssPublished on 2018-08-16By Dante A. Ciampaglia




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