Hawaiian and American Airlines Forced to Cut China Routes

August 23rd, 2018
Hawaiian and American Airlines Forced to Cut China Routes
American Airlines has dropped yet another China route. This time it’s the direct flight between Chicago and Shanghai, which will end in October. This follows American Airlines dropping its Beijing-Chicago route in May. An executive from the airline stated that the cut Chinese routes and the company’s Tokyo routes were “colossal loss makers,” but also noted that the company “remains committed to Asia in the long run.” American Airlines executives have labelled the company’s China routes as “colossal loss makers” American Airlines has opted to cut these two major Chinese routes due to intense competition with mainland carriers and to falling profitability per seat. Flights on U.S.-China routes via mainland carriers are substantially cheaper than American’s have been. However, this is not merely a “China affair.” In total, the company is canceling 11 overseas routes. These canceled routes include Philadelphia-Munich, New York (JFK)-Dublin-Edinburgh, and Los Angeles-Toronto. While competition with Chinese airlines no doubt ... read more
Source: https://jingtravel.com/feed/Published on 2018-08-23By Mason Hinsdale




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