John McCain in the Military: From Navy Brat to POW

August 27th, 2018
John McCain in the Military: From Navy Brat to POW
He was a decorated, if at times reckless, fighter pilot who conducted nearly two dozen bombing runs in Vietnam before being shot down, captured and tortured.American Navy Lieutenant, and future U.S. Senator John Sidney McCain III, circa 1964.When John McCain made his first bid for public office in 1982, running for a House seat in Arizona, critics blasted him as a carpetbagger, pointing out that he’d only lived in the state for 18 months.“Listen, pal, I spent 22 years in the Navy,” the exasperated candidate reportedly shot back at one event. Then, after explaining that career military people tend to move a lot, he delivered a retort that made the attacks against him seem ridiculously petty: “As a matter of fact… the place I lived longest in my life was Hanoi.”McCain won the election, launching a political career that earned him two terms in the House, six in the ... read more
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