Landmarks as amateur sketches

March 29th, 2019
Landmarks as amateur sketches
When you hear Boise what comes to mind? Nothing? Potatoes? Lovely a place as the capital of Idaho is, it doesn’t exactly conjure up images of… anything. A big part of that is because it doesn’t have an icon, a landmark or associated image that immediately pops into the collective conscious when people hear the name. Some cities have one highly distinct image associated with them, like gondoliers in Venice. Others can be a bit more complex, like New York. To see what images people associated with the world’s biggest cities, Traveloka, a Southeast Asian travel company, asked 108 people to draw the first thing they thought of when they heard a cities name. The results range from second-grade refrigerator art to pretty decent sketches, the highlights of which are below. Venice gif of amateur Venice sketchesPhoto: Traveloka No city had a more overwhelming common image than Venice, where a full-on 82 percent of ... read more
Source: on 2019-03-29By Matthew Meltzer




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