Lumpy, 3,000-Year-Old Cheese Recovered From Egyptian Tomb

August 17th, 2018
Lumpy, 3,000-Year-Old Cheese Recovered From Egyptian Tomb
It's claimed to be the oldest solid cheese ever found—and it contains bacteria that would have made ancient Egyptians sick.For almost as long as people have kept cows, sheep or goats, they’ve made cheese out of their milk. The ancient Egyptians were no exception, making solid cheese to supplement their already hearty diet of beer, bread, onions and lentils. Archaeologists working on the ancient tomb of Ptahmes, dated to the 13th century BC, recently came face to face with a sample of Egyptian cheese, which they claim could be the oldest sample of solid cheese ever found.In a study published in the journal Analytical Chemistry, scientists described their discovery from the vast tomb, which was first unearthed many decades earlier, in 1885. After most of its treasures were looted by European excavators, eventually finding their way into museums many thousands of miles away, the tomb itself was lost ... read more
Source: on 2018-08-17By Natasha Frost




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