New Casino Succeeds While the Rest of Jeju Flounders

August 16th, 2018
New Casino Succeeds While the Rest of Jeju Flounders
South Korea’s Jeju Island has been a major staple for Chinese tourists in the past few years. It’s easily accessible from major Chinese metropolises like Beijing and Shanghai and, perhaps more importantly, it is the one area of South Korea that Chinese tourists can enter without a visa.  Unsurprisingly, when the Chinese banned the sale of group packages to South Korea because of the THAAD dispute, Jeju was hit hard. While South Korea as a whole has seen a steady recovery of Chinese tourism, Jeju has been less fortunate and continues to attract only a fraction of Chinese tourists it used to. However, the one major business that has been able to buck the overall trend has been the newly built Jeju Shinwha World gambling resort, even as other Jeju casinos flounder. Construction started in 2014 and the casino opened in February. Since its opening, the Jeju Shinwha World has ... read more
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