NY Visit: Creative approaches to traditional spaces

March 30th, 2019
NY Visit: Creative approaches to traditional spaces
Architectural Digest Home Design Show Delivers 40,000 people (approximately) attended the AD Home Design Show earlier this month. Architects, interior designers, retailers and wholesalers, students and journalists, artists and gallery owners, casually meandered up and down the aisles of Pier 94 in Manhattan, finding fun, unique, modern, and traditional designs and products that inspire new and clever answers to the client question, “What should/could my space(s) look like?” The challenge of the interior design, architects, retailers/wholesalers, is to determine what will satisfy the wants/needs of the client. For interior designers looking to bring interest to potentially boring lobbies, hotel rooms, cafes and coffee shop space, the AD show offered a myriad of new and inspiring options that deliver the WOW, replacing the MEH! My Personal Favorites David Haber, British Designer Haber’s creative palette runs the gamut from copper and bronze, to stainless steel and stone. He takes these metals ... read more
Source: www.eturbonews.comPublished on 2019-03-30By Dr. Elinor Garely - special to eTN




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