South Korea Next Stop for Alipay’s Paperless Tax Refund Ambitions

August 21st, 2018
South Korea Next Stop for Alipay’s Paperless Tax Refund Ambitions
You can count international tax refunds as the latest service that Chinese giant Alibaba is expanding into. Alibaba-affiliated Ant Financial’s Alipay is now expanding its tax refund services to South Korea through an existing partnership with South Korean tax refund company Global Tax Free (GTF)—and the company is pledging to make it easier than ever to use for Chinese consumers. Alipay, WeChat Pay, and incumbent UnionPay have since long been in a three-way battle for Chinese payments overseas as they strive to become the payment method of choice among Chinese consumers—and particularly the richer Chinese consumers who regularly travel abroad. As a result, everything from overseas retailers, convenience stores, and airports have become battlegrounds as each payment method is trying to achieve the largest and most impactful global coverage. For Alipay and WeChat Pay, it’s all about global coverage and customer convenience as their rivalry continues The latest up-and-coming area ... read more
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