has new owners

April 15th, 2019 has new owners
The Spanish holiday rental platform,, has new owners from the 1st of April. The company’s founder and sole owner until the end of March, Claus Sorensen, will be sharing ownership in equal conditions with Jan Dal Lehrmann, Kenneth Andersen and Jannich Friis Petersen.
  • Jan Dal Lehrmann, Kenneth Andersen and Jannich Friis Petersen have become the new co-owners of the holiday rental platform together with Claus Sorensen, founder and former sole owner, owning 25% shares each.
  • This ownership change will strengthen the activity of in the Spanish holiday rental industry thanks to the input and knowledge provided by the new co-owners: experience in digital businesses, unique know-how and strategic vision.
For Claus Sorensen this is a step “that will strengthen’s ability to set a strategy for strong performance in the coming years. With the incorporation of Jan, Kenneth and Jannich to the company we will be ... read more
Source: www.eturbonews.comPublished on 2019-04-15By Juergen T Steinmetz




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