Taiwan Shows Short-haul Peers That Independent Travelers Are the Future

August 17th, 2018
Taiwan Shows Short-haul Peers That Independent Travelers Are the Future
Despite the obvious geographical advantage, things aren’t always easy in Chinese tourism for short-haul destinations in China’s periphery. Hong Kong is wrestling with Chinese overtourism, Thailand is battling zero-dollar tours, South Korea is hampered by a travel ban, and Taiwan is faced with artificial limits on Chinese travel imposed by Beijing. However, these countries don’t only serve as warnings for other nations as their number of Chinese visitors grow, but also lead the way in how to deal with challenges posed by tourism in general and Chinese tourism in particular. For a long time, the obvious solution to any and all problems related to Chinese tourism in China’s periphery has been to double down on Chinese independent travel. As the logic goes, independent travelers are less sensitive to limits imposed by Beijing, are more experienced travelers, and aren’t contributing as much to overtourism as their group peers. Perhaps most importantly, ... read more
Source: https://jingtravel.com/feed/Published on 2018-08-17By Daniel Meesak




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