Thailand’s Strong Year in Chinese Tourism Reverses in July

August 22nd, 2018
Thailand’s Strong Year in Chinese Tourism Reverses in July
Thailand’s Chinese tourism arrivals have taken a hit in the wake of the Phoenix boat accident in July, which left 47 Chinese tourists dead. Still, it appears that the drop was not as severe as some expected. Estimates for the drop in potential lost revenue for the rest of the year are around $1 billion. The total drop in arrivals is estimated to be as high as 670,000. According to statistics from the Thai Ministry of Tourism and Sports, Chinese tourist arrivals to Thailand did fall in July, but overall spending was up. The overall drop in Chinese arrivals is likely higher than recent figures imply given that Thailand has been enjoying double digit Chinese arrival growth this year Chinese arrivals to Thailand were down by 0.87 percent in July compared to July last year, falling to a total of 929.771. At face value, this isn’t an enormous drop. However, ... read more
Source: on 2018-08-22By Mason Hinsdale




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