The Heart of Andalusia: Visiting Seville, Córdoba and Granada

August 20th, 2018
The Heart of Andalusia: Visiting Seville, Córdoba and Granada
Relaxing along the Mediterranean in Málaga or Marbella is marvelous, but historic Seville, Córdoba and Granada each make a great day trip or overnight visit. Like many visitors before me, I felt myself being swept away by three of the most celebrated cities in the Spanish region of Andalusia: Seville, Córdoba and Granada. The first seduced me with its palaces and flamenco dancers. The second dazzled me with its Mezquita mosque and Roman Bridge. And the last entranced me with the Moorish splendor of the Alhambra. Although I only spent 12 to 36 hours in each city, I felt as if I had peered into their souls. These are places that speak to you — even if you can barely speak Spanish. Let Seville serenade you. To truly appreciate Seville, experience it at night. I discovered this on my second visit, a 36-hour stay about three years after my ... read more
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