This Scoutmaster Had a Run-in with a UFO. The Kids Saw it Too.

August 23rd, 2018
This Scoutmaster Had a Run-in with a UFO. The Kids Saw it Too.
Project Blue Book investigators noted the hair on the alleged victim's arms was singed, and the skin burned. The grass where he claimed to have had the encounter was also scorched.An illustration depicting Scoutmaster D.S. 'Sonny' DesVergers' encounter with a flying saucer that burned him.On a humid, August night in 1952, scoutmaster D.S. “Sonny” DesVergers emerged burned and barely coherent from a dense palmetto grove in the South Florida Everglades. He claimed he had encountered an unidentified flying object that discharged a fireball, which left him singed and barely able to see.Captain Edward J. Ruppelt, chief UFO investigator for the U.S. Air Force, would later label the event “the best hoax in UFO history.” But the DesVergers incident remains one of the most intriguing cases from Project Blue Book, the Air Force’s now-declassified investigations into UFOs—because it wasn’t just a sighting incident, but one involving a purported attack. ... read more
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