Tribal Gathering festival in Panama

March 30th, 2019
Tribal Gathering festival in Panama
The knowledge and traditions of indigenous cultures around the world is invaluable yet always at risk of disappearing in the face of both systemic oppression and younger generations losing interest in maintaining these traditions. One festival is trying to celebrate and preserve this indigenous knowledge by bringing together 60 tribes from 30 different countries to share their rituals and traditions: Tribal Gathering, an 18-day festival in Playa Chiquita, Panama. A noble cause, for sure, but there’s just one potential problem in the execution: It’s combined with an EDM festival. Tribes and Trance festivalPhoto: Jessica Devnani Tribal Gathering has been dubbed a “conscious festival.” What sets these apart from your average music festival is that they often integrate a daytime program of workshops, speakers, and activities, generally having to do with personal growth and spirituality. Attendees can choose to buy a ticket for either part or the entire festival. The first part is ... read more
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