Wacky museums to visit in Las Vegas

March 29th, 2019
Wacky museums to visit in Las Vegas
The endless stream of taxis shuttling visitors from McCarran International Airport to the Las Vegas strip is as monotonous as the turnover on the $1 poker machines and Blackjack tables those visitors plan to park themselves in front of. Vegas is actually full of incredible things to do and see, and most don’t even involve throwing your money away. To really throw your cabbie for a loop, have them drop you at one of the city’s museums, some of which pay tribute to subject matter that is only top of mind in a place like Sin City. Many of them may be named after a D-List celebrity, but don’t let that deter you. You’re actually going to take some value from paying the admission fee, something that is certainly not a guarantee anywhere on Las Vegas Blvd. 1. Tim Arnold’s Pinball Hall of Fame pinball museum in VegasPhoto: Pinball Hall of Fame ... read more
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