Wreckers Scavenged a Living by Snatching Shipwrecks’ Loot

August 31st, 2018
Wreckers Scavenged a Living by Snatching Shipwrecks’ Loot
Some in seaside communities would even use lanterns to lure ships too close to shore so the vessels would become wrecked—and vulnerable.Wreckers in Cornwall, England, collecting anything useful they can from the wreck of a ship they have lured to destruction on the shore, circa 1754.In July 1931, the Danish freighter Pennsylvania wrecked on the coast of the island of Swona, in the North Sea of Scotland. The captain, wary for good reason, refused a local lifeboat’s assistance and waited to have his crew rescued by a Copenhagen boat. Once the crew left, salvagers from all the surrounding islands—known as wreckers—descended in small boats on the 6000-ton freighter. Evading local authorities, the skilled scavengers managed to sneak a King’s bounty to the mainland, including a piano, slot machines, car parts, American tobacco, gramophones, sewing machines, condoms and two new Cadillacs.Officials attempting to find the salvaged loot were up ... read more
Source: https://www.history.com/this-day-in-history/rssPublished on 2018-08-31By Hadley Meares




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